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Frequently Asked Questions

What geographical areas do you service?
Theoretically, anywhere in the world. But, of course, it depends on the availability of tutors. We cannot guarantee it everywhere.

What kind of organization is this? Do you hire tutors?
No. BibleTutor.org is simply a networking service connecting those interested in a deeper study of the Bible with people who are willing to help them do that. Each tutor functions independently and is not accountable to BibleTutor.org. BibleTutor.org is not responsible for how a tutor conducts his or her work and does not necessarily endorse all their interpretations of the Bible.

How can this be free? Who is sponsoring it?
Some tutors are sponsored by a church or other organization. But most of them are just so excited about the Bible that they are willing to volunteer their time to help others experience it as well.

What if I am not satisfied with this service?
Just thank your tutor for his or her time, and tell them you won’t need their services any longer.

Can I volunteer my services as a tutor?
Maybe. You would need to get in touch with us through our contact page, and we’ll discuss the qualifications.
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