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Here's what other participants are saying,

From Jennifer in Washington:

I never really knew God... I always thought HE was just an "option" for people.  For "religious" people.  I always thought in the back of my mind that I am a good person so I'm going to heaven.  HA! —Little did I know!  I grew up with not a real direction towards heavenly things...

So, when my heart was broke in two, something down deep inside me cried out asking, wanting, hoping, and somehow knowing that someone was listening to my cry for help.  Not really knowing that Someone was listening, but my soul somehow knew.... It's kinda hard to explain unless you are searching; unless you hit rock bottom at a point in your life...crying, asking, pleading for a ''Higher up kind of help''. God does answer prayers; even when you least expect it...and He does work in mysterious ways...and through different people.

My prayers were answered by a simple knock at my door. Two gentlemen asked me to take a simple survey regarding the Bible.  Questions like: If I think I'm going to heaven, how often I read the Bible; that kind of stuff... Then at the end I was asked if I would be interested in studying the Bible.  I figured what could I lose? (I could always decide not to study later on.)  It was something different that I have never opened the door to, and still to this day I will never shut that door again!  Talk about an eye-opener!  Once a week Kris & Shirley came by my house to do a one-hour Bible study.  (God Bless you guys!) Over the course of about a year I learned so much!  Just to let you know the Bible cannot be learned fast.  There is so much that people are still learning even after a life-time... It just goes to show a glimpse of what it will be like when we do finally get to heaven; God will teach us His wonderful things for all eternity! The ways of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ...God's ways.  (The ways God has always intended us to live by.) 

The Bible in itself is LOVE.  So many stories of God's love and His grand design for each and every one of us!  God did answer my prayer...I just had to reach out!  The Bible is a collection books I have not put down since I first started.  Stories of: love, romance, hatred, murder, jealously, corruption, adventures, wars, etc., etc.  Keep in mind — these are meant to be learned from in our own lives, and to live the way God meant for us to live since the beginning.  I keep learning more & more.  It's so wonderful! God is wonderful!  I recommend the Bible to everyone.  You cannot know our loving Savior without reading His words.  He will speak to you personally through the pages throughout your time.  Meaning that some scriptures are totally speaking to your heart!

My life has changed significantly for the better.  I am a much, much happier person that I have ever been.  I quit smoking, drinking, doing drugs, cussing, yelling at my kids, being rude to others, etc., etc.  Sadly, the list goes on... Only by reading the Bible and talking to God did I realize the error of my ways.  I have learned to be a better person to my family, friends, strangers, and myself.  I know now that He is always with me, to protect, to guide, and comfort me...and I know HE will NEVER let me go! I just had to reach out in the first place!  So, if you’re searching, wondering, waiting, needing that something you can't quite put your finger on...please try for yourself reading the Bible that will guide you to a wonderful, powerful, and greater path in your life AND the people around you.  God Bless you in your new beginning!

P.S. When I started typing this I didn't mean for it to be this long.  It's just that it's hard to put what God has done for me and my life in so few words! I do HOPE and PRAY my "small" (there is so much I had to leave out!) testimony will reach someone and inspire them to have a Bible study.  God is good! Blessings...